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Prayer cross (english or afrikaans) picture

Prayer Cross laser-cut in 3mm or 6mm mdf, dimensions 800mm*550mm

"love is" heart laser-cut picture

"Love is" heart laser-cut in 3mm mdf  or with white melamine front

Africa wall art - english picture

Africa Wall Art in English cut in 3mm or 6mm yellow mdf.  Dimensions 640mm*581mm

Africa wall art - afrikaans picture

Africa Wall Art Afrikaans cut in 3mm / 6mm mdf.  Dimensions 620mm*573mm

Lord's prayer africa cut-out picture

The Lord's Prayer engraved on Africa cut-out (550mm*508mm)

Garage 3 level picture

Parking garage with 3 levels cut in 6mm mdf.  Dimensions 508x508x670

Dollhouse 2-storey a-frame picture

Dollhouse 2-storey a-frame cut in 6mm mdf.  Dimensions 863x442x640

3 level dollhouse with stairs picture

3 Level Dollhouse with stairs cut in 6mm mdf

Wood & resin cross picture

Wood cross cut in 3mm / 6mm mdf with resin inlay

Africa keyring picture

3mm laser-cut in yellow mdf.  Available in 6cm or 8cm 

Elephant keyring picture

Elephant Keyring cut in 3mm mdf

Ear-savers picture

Laser cut 3mm acrylic ear savers

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